Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Introductions

Hi, Welcome to Fashion Craze.

My name is Lisa!
I started this blog on the fifth of December 2010.
I am only eleven years old , but Im told I act mature for my age.
I have been on Stardoll since late 2008.
I love going shopping,but only if I have money.Otherwise pretty things are just teasing me.
Im a Stardoll addict.But theres no kind of therapist for that,right?
Taylor and me own this blog.
I am IrishLily09  on Stardoll.
We hope you will enjoy our future posts :)
Lisa xx

Hi, I'm Taylor! I am a 14 fashion addict from England.
I love stardoll and Fashion, I love clothes.
We just wanted to say hi to all those who will hope will follow us, this blog will be filled with interesting interviews and news that we hope all you Fashion addicts will love :]


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