Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion Fix! (anilin)

Hello,dear readers! (Again)
This is a NEW segment called Fashion Fix.
Basically,I will find someone on Stardoll who's medoll could  . . .look better?
This will ONLY be with outfits not make-up.
I am going to say their usernames,I know some people wouldn't but this way people can go to their suite and see if they have responded well to the make-over.
This was her outfit as I strolled by her suite...
I think it could look a lot better!
First of all,I am going to (fashion) fix this outfit,then make a completely different one for her!
First of all,REMOVE the jacket.I love that jacket myself,but if your wearing a long sleeved top underneath it,it doesn't look as good as it could.
SECOND take off the beads. I would leave them for a more glamorous look.
Lastly,TAKE OFF THE WAISTCOAT UNDERNEATH. Yes,there is one under that jacket.Its un-needed.
This is what the outfit looks like now:
I think it looks better.
I decided with this half,I wasn't going to put any other items but just simply remove some.
This is the final result:
Some people will love it,like it,some people will hate it.
But the only opinion that matters,is the girl herself....
So? Anilin , do you like your makeover? ;)
Lisa xx :)

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