Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Designer bags with FashionnGirl.

Hello!I just got an interview with the new Stardesigner FashionnGirl. (lucky me ;) ) She is going to be the next Stardoll Elite,I predict with her out-of-this-world designer bags.You can see how much she puts into these designs,so lets enjoy them!
IrishLily09: Hi!Thank you for doing this interview. First , my readers and I would like to know a little bit about you :)
FashionnGirl. Thank you for asking me for this wonderful interview ; ). My name is Eamonn i am 14 years old i am from Ireland.

IrishLily09: How do you feel about your sudden 'fame' in the Stardoll fashion industry?
FashionnGirl. Oh it feels every magical i really enjoy the feedback from my lovely fans of my designs, and to be able to log onto stardoll with a huge smile on my face.

IrishLily09: You were obviously inspired by real life designs,but why did you decide to finally sell these ah-mazing bags?
FashionnGirl. Well i choose them specific designers because they are my favourite. When i first seen the bags in the star design i remade all of my designs to a high quality and then i started to sell them, when i sold one more and more people started to come and buy and them big Elites came and started to buy my designs.

IrishLily09: Which came first,bags or clothes?
FashionnGirl. The clothes came first but them i stoped selling them because no one is buying them. ; (

IrishLily09: Do you design anything in real life?
FashionnGirl. That is a good question i don't design in real life i keep being asked this same question by many people but in the near future i will be going to Fashion School in London.

IrishLily09:Were you surprised when the demand came in for these bags?FashionnGirl. Not to sure on that question.

IrishLily09:How long did it take to make them?
FashionnGirl. Well my first design was Louis Vuitton it took my about 45 minutes but it was not as good of what i expected but i kept trying and trying and i am happy with the one i have now. : )

IrishLily09: Are you excited/happy about your appearances in blogs?
FashionnGirl. I am really happy about my bags they are a huge success in the stardoll world.

IrishLily09: Is there anything you'd like to say the readers of this interview?
FashionnGirl.I would like to thank you all for reading this and i hope i have inspired you all :)

I am definitely inspired,and maybe now I'll make a better effort with Stardesigning now :)
Thank you Eammon for taking your time to talk to me and my readers.
To go to FashionnGirl. 's Starbazaar click --> HERE <--
Ciao for now!
Lisa xx :)

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